Archives: February 2012

Stay in Control

We have seen that after a property disaster business owners wait for direction.  Most insurance agents do not have the experience to help.  Claims adjusters may not arrive on site for days after then ask the owner to supply them with information.  The time that elapses without constructive action to restore operations can spell business failure.  A Disaster Recovery Plan gives the business owner the ability to stay... Read Article

Claims Adjusters

Property Insurance claims adjusters are some of the most overworked employees at many insurers. They are knowledgeable and caring but they are not miracle workers. Some adjusters due to the liability will not recommend restoration contractors. These preparations must be part of your Disaster Recovery Plan.... Read Article

Electrical Fires

It is alarming how many electrical fires initiate from small or everyday devices that result in devastating destruction. Recently we surveyed fire disasters that were caused by a cell phone charger left plugged in unattached to the cell phone, an older commercial grade ice maker and a beverage vending machine. Check the wiring for any device left plugged in or pull the plug when not... Read Article

Power Outage

When any business losses power their operations are disrupted. Will the outage be just hours or days? A sound Disaster Recovery Plan should include action plans to address restoring power. Remember after a disaster generators sell out and local contractors can not respond to every business.... Read Article

Property Disaster Expenses

Your business is shut down from tornado damage. You know how important it is to re-open ASAP. You incur expenses to ship in extra equipment or inventory. You hire temporary labor. You find a temporary location. Business Insurance can include coverage to reimburse you for these expenses.... Read Article