Archives: May 2013

Data Breach

About 72% of the data breaches that occurred in 2011 were in companies with 100 or less employees.  In fact small businesses are victims of cyber attacks more often than large firms. Remember if your business handles credit cards, social security data or medical record data you are at risk.... Read Article

Tornado Damage

Tornado damage can cause a business or institution to relocate.  Consider a couple of possible locations today.  Consider the additional rental expense, the distance for employees and customers.  Plan how you would notify your customers.  Make sure your Business Insurance has the coverages to fund these expenses.... Read Article

Debris Removal Coverage

The cost for a contractor to remove and dispose of the debris after a property disaster is staggering.  Some Business Insurance policies have Debris Removal coverage.  Policies that have this coverage normally set a maximum limit.  Our recommendation would be to determine if that limit would be sufficient for the worst case scenario property disaster at your business.... Read Article