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Technology Insurance & Risk Management

technology insuranceDo you want to hire a trust worthy advisor to protect your Technology business so you can concentrate on running your operation?

  • Experience & Advice –
    We have (35) years of business insurance consulting experience.
    Our underwriters are experts insuring Technology operations.
  • Specialized Protection –
    No one offers the kind of Risk Management & Recovery planning we do.
    Our insurers provide specific coverages for Technology liability.
  • We regularly visit our clients for face-to-face help and advice.
  • Insurance adjusters hire us to help their policy holder customers who have disasters.

What is Technology Business Insurance?
Many companies are unaware that their current business and insurance policies most likely do not cover them for all of their technology-related risks. Our technology insurance portfolio offers coverage options tailored to fit your company’s unique needs.

In today’s technology-driven world, companies face a number of dynamic exposures. Whether it is faulty software, inappropriate advice, misconfigured firewalls or inadequate anti-virus software, hardware failure – companies are increasingly at risk. Claims are growing rapidly, leaving companies liable for expensive lawsuits.