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How long can your business be shut down? Plan to survive!

There are hurricanes moving to the east coast of the US.

What if your business were touched in some way?

What if you had major building damage?

What if you just lost power?  But what if you were without power for weeks?

What if you just lost phone and internet commications for weeks?

How much business revenue would be at risk if you experienced any of these storm related problems?  There are services that can help you open your business again in just days even if your building was destroyed or just lost communication and power.

When a metropolitan area experiences widespread damage many businesses will be looking for the same services and products to re-open.  Many wait too long until they become available.  Set in advance your plan so a simple phone call and you can count on being in operation while others are still closed.

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Customer Reviews

Gary Sephton and his team helped us manage a horrible fire situation

Kelly M - Owner, Pump It Up Kids Center

It has truly been great to work with a trustworthy insurance professional...

Lorraine D - President, ABC Land

Gary and his team provide a level of service that goes above and beyond what I have seen other agencies provide. 

Robert P

Gary is commited, sincere, and I can't think of a better person to handle our account.

David R

I have been very satisfied with their knowledgeable and personal service.

Mary B Lytl