“Find out why this is the best workers’ compensation insurance plan for your business by watching this (1) minute whiteboard video.”

Business Risk Management offers a special Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program for select business types.

During times like these when a small business is monitoring every expense, this program provides savings and cash management.

The benefits include:

  • Eliminating a large up-front premium payment or deposit premium at renewal.
  • No more end of policy term confusing audits that create additional premiums.
  • Improve cash flow by paying exact insurance costs for that period.
  • No more guessing on future payrolls and overpaying premiums.

With our program, your workers’ compensation insurance premiums are calculated per pay period. All aspects of your reporting and payments are handled with payroll on your behalf. It is one less bill to worry about paying.

Why pay more? Use the savings elsewhere in your business.

Setting this program up it is easy. You can not overpay your workers’ compensation insurance and it is beneficial to the bottom line.