Customer Reviews

  • SL

    “Gary proved to be a saint in disguise. He showed up on time, decided where to start and sort of gently guided me in the incredibly tedious recovery process. It was exhausting but knowing I wasn’t alone in trying to accomplish our recovery I can’t describe what a relief it was. And I know we would never have received as much personal content replacement insurance reibursement claim funds if we had done all ourselves.
    Words actually can not describe. I will always be grateful for Gary’s assistance and patience with us in our shell shocked condition.”

  • TV

    “Gary it was a pleasure to meet you. I truly felt your compassion and willingness to help Debra and I and my family. I want to express my gratitude and true appreciation for being so informative and helpful with all that we are going through. Sometimes people lose track of that and I truly want others to know how great your really are.”

  • JC

    “July 26th 2009 our company in Charlotte, NC had a fire that destroyed everything. Gary was in quickly to guide us through what was needed. He worked his way through the burnt, wet carnage to get an accurate account of Equipment, Furniture and Supplies. He used his sources to complete what the Insurance company needed. We are now back in our facility and with Gary’s help at very little cost to us for Equipment, Furniture and Supplies. His efforts made our recovery a success.”

  • LD

    “Gary, I would like to thank you for taking care of our business insurance needs, your kind attention to the needs of small business owners, from advice to saving us money while making sure that our insurance needs are met to following through in times of need such as hurricane damage. It has truly been great to work with a trustworthy insurance professional that offers guidance, listens to our needs, and saves our business money. The hurricane damage was truly the moment that I realized how thankful I was that I had made a move to your firm. Thank you again.”

  • LC

    “When I think of Gary Sephton of Business Risk Management a great feeling of protection. I have gone through years of great protection on multiple properties and businesses from this man. Gary always kept me in line with deadlines and offered the best choices of coverage, giving me all the tools necessary to make an informed decision. One day I suffered a loss and in a panic called Gary. He calmly said to me “you are covered”. His knowledge and expertise in his field are unmatched, and he is always available even to answer the smallest of questions you may have. He travels into disaster zones selflessly aiding victims whose lives have been impacted with misfortune. You won’t hear him boast of this, but I have contacted him on more than one occasion with an insurance question reaching him in disaster zones.
    Put your trust in Gary Sephton His name is synonymous with professional excellence!!”