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About Us

What if …. Your business experienced a disaster?

It’s too late! Once a disaster event occurs a business owner can not go back to be prepared!

“We never thought this would happen to us!”

This is what the owners tell me when I arrive at a disaster site.

Are you prepared?

Are you adequately protected and funded?

Find out why our clients remain clients for years.

At Business Risk Management Inc. we know every business client by first name.

We are not the typical large insurance ‘selling machine’ company. I know each of our client’s business which is critical to protecting them correctly.

I have (40) years of Business Insurance and Risk Management experience. Clients hire me because they want a long-term personal relationship with an advisor they can trust.

I have consulted on over 650 property disasters countrywide. I know from actual disaster experience how events should unfold after a fire, tornado or hurricane damage to a business.

I have walked through the destructive damages from hurricanes Michael, Irma and Florence along with hundreds of building fires. This actual recovery experience brings added value to our clients because most often the fate of a business recovery is in the hands of someone the owner has never met before.

My strengths are listening, caring, and paying attention to the details. We are proud to operate with Christian Values.

If you are looking for advice to protect your business, email or phone me.