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Your Disaster Recovery

What if…
Your business experienced a fire, tornado, or hurricane disaster?
All business revenue is now at risk! For how long?
It’s too late! …Once a disaster event occurs a business owner cannot go back and be prepared!

What if…
Your home was destroyed? Who could you trust for experienced advice?
Who would you hire to recover and rebuild?

Do you know what almost every client tells me within the first minutes of when we meet after a property disaster??
“We never thought this would happen to us!”
Are you prepared? Are you adequately protected and funded?

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1457 Kelly Road, Ste 240
Apex, NC 27502

Customer Testimonial

“As a business owner you hope to never experience a disaster, however, unfortunately, they can and do happen. Being prepared and receiving expert assistance is critical in managing the crisis. Gary Sephton and his team helped us manage a horrible fire situation that would have left us devastated. With his amazing attention to detail and assistance, we were able to navigate the uncertainty of the situation and allow our business to reopen and prosper. We will be forever grateful.”

Kelly McHugh
Pump It Up Kids Center

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Customer Reviews

Gary Sephton and his team helped us manage a horrible fire situation

Kelly M - Owner, Pump It Up Kids Center

It has truly been great to work with a trustworthy insurance professional...

Lorraine D - President, ABC Land

Gary and his team provide a level of service that goes above and beyond what I have seen other agencies provide. 

Robert P

Gary is commited, sincere, and I can't think of a better person to handle our account.

David R

I have been very satisfied with their knowledgeable and personal service.

Mary B Lytl