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Surviving Business Disaster

Flooded town after a natural disaster

A Business Continuity Program from Business Risk Management Inc.

The reality of a Property Disaster for a Business Owner is…

If your insured business is seriously damaged and forced to close the survival is likely to be in the hands of many you do not know and who do not share your sense of urgency.

A solution is to have a Disaster Recovery Plan.

‘Surviving Business Disaster’ is a Business Continuity / Recovery Plan personalized for each of our client’s.

Having consulted on over 800 fire and tornado disasters we know which insurance coverages are needed to fund a recovery. We know what an insurance adjuster will require. We know the best services to contact. We know how a disaster recovery unfolds.

‘Surviving Business Disaster’ has another special benefit. We team up with experts in Disaster Recovery, Restoration Services & Insurance to prepare clients in advance then respond without long delays so our clients re-open their businesses sooner.

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Customer Reviews

Gary Sephton and his team helped us manage a horrible fire situation

Kelly M - Owner, Pump It Up Kids Center

It has truly been great to work with a trustworthy insurance professional...

Lorraine D - President, ABC Land

Gary and his team provide a level of service that goes above and beyond what I have seen other agencies provide. 

Robert P

Gary is commited, sincere, and I can't think of a better person to handle our account.

David R

I have been very satisfied with their knowledgeable and personal service.

Mary B Lytl